Election Day 2016

Dear H, O and B,

Today is election day. This year, election season did not bring out the best in America. People were so mean to each other… especially on the internet. Sometimes people get “brave” behind their computer screens and lash out because they think nobody can really see them. Here’s what one of my favorite authors says about that: If you aren’t nice on the internet, you aren’t nice.

Tonight, Donald Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States. Many people were disappointed because he ran against Hillary Clinton, the first woman to ever be nominated for the office, and if she had been elected, it would have been historic.

I take the same image every time there is a presidential election. It’s a photo of you with the “vote here” sign and I love it because it shows how much our family changes every four years.

Also, I love these shirts you’re wearing. Kind IS cool. Never have truer words been printed on a shirt.

Love you,


Election Day


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