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Life is Good: January 2016

Dear H, O And B,

We had a few memorable moments in January!

Hayden, we went to an ASU Women’s Basketball game with Tonja and Dyllan! While we were there, you asked me if I’d cheer for ASU if you ever played there — I told you that is the ONLY scenario in which I would HAPPILY cheer for ASU!

Hayden, you got to spend a day as a teacher’s aide in Miss Sue’s class when Bennett had school while you were home for Project Week!

We played laser tag at Benjamin’s birthday party:

Owen and Bennett — I hiked with each of you while the other was at school:


We went to Tucson for my birthday weekend and hiked and had other fun!


We’ve also played with your Chrismas gifts a lot — you got a lot of board games and we are having SO MUCH FUN playing games together!

Love you,

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Halfway to Four!

Dear Bennett,

Today, you are three and a half. You are such a great guy! You have a great sense of humor and you are so, so silly. You are very rarely serious, but when you are, you make sure that we are listening. You started preschool this fall, and you are loving it! Also, you are very interested in fire trucks right now. You spend a lot of time playing with your buddies: Josiah, Jacob and Luke. You also really love playing with your brother and your sister.

You are such a special dude. You make everything more fun just because you are here.

Love you,


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