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South Dakota

Dear Hayden,

We just spent a long weekend in South Dakota. You had a great time playing with your cousins, and doing other things that you don’t normally do!

You  rode horses with Uncle Jim:

We visited Mt. Rushmore:

You had a sing-a-long with Uncle Jim:

You played with your cousin Josey:

You played in the creek:

You enjoyed the nightly campfire:

We went to a park that is Flinstone-themed:

You watched your cousins Soren, Clayton and Ben play baseball:

And we visited the final resting place of the beautiful and brilliant person after whom you are named, my cousin Eva:

And you loved and explored the area:

Love you,


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You are getting a brother!

Dear Hayden,

Today I shared with you that you are getting a brother. All you could say is, “No, I want a girl baby instead.” I tried to explain that we don’t get to choose, but you keep saying how much you want a girl baby, so I think we’ll leave this topic alone for a while.

Here’s a cute picture of you holding your brother’s picture:

I’m sure you’ll warm up to the idea!

Love you,

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You are a Boy!

Dear Baby,

This morning we learned that you are a very healthy little boy! The doctor says you are looking great! We agree!

Love you,

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Road Trip

Dear Hayden,

This last week, we took a road trip to California. It was a total blast!!

First, we visited Uncle Jim and Andrew in Rancho Cucamonga.

We played at this great park near their house and Andrew pushed you on the swing:

We hung out in their yard:

You helped Uncle Jim make pancakes:

He made you a very special one:

We went to a Fourth of July BBQ, and then you slept through the fireworks:

You spent a lot of time in the Garden with Uncle Jim, too. He is a VERY talented gardener:

Also, Andrew taught you how to play the guitar:

Next, we got back in the car and headed toward Great Grandpa Rog’s in Santa Maria.

We stopped for lunch and walked around in a great little town called Solvang:

And then we got to Great Grandpa Rog’s house:

We spent one day exploring around downtown Morro Bay and Cayucos beach. Your dad has fond memories of these places as a little boy, so it was fun to take you there. We have a lot of pictures on this very anchor:

You and Dad fed fish parts to the seals. Mama did not participate:

Then we headed to the beach and walked the pier:

We visited with Uncle Jon, Auntie Kim, Ben and Madison, too.

You played dress up with Madison:

And Ben let you ride his indoor surf board:

Then, we got in the car to head toward Aneheim.

We stopped at a children’s museum on the way, and you got to touch a starfish and sea urchin:

Finally we got to Disneyland!

The front gate:

Minnie Mouse Ears:


You and Minnie:

You and Mickey:

You giving dad an eye patch in line for Pirates of the Carribean:

Meeting Belle:

Meeting Ariel:



It’s a Small World:

Astro Orbitor:

Disneyland Corndog:

Crashed Out:

We had a great time hanging out! We got to see a lot of family and we had a fantastic time just being together.

Love you,


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