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Today & The Last Day

Dear H, O and B,

Today, Cari Vincent died. This is so sad for so many reasons — she leaves behind three precious boys (Jack, John and Benjamin) and a husband who loved her dearly.

We’ve been praying for Cari to be healed for quite some time, but that wasn’t what was meant to be. Owen, you faithfully lit a candle and prayed for her every single weekend at church for well over two years. Now you’ll light the candle for your buddy, Jack.

I’ve learned so much from Cari — but what was most profound for me was what she said the day she sat down to tell our small group of mom friends that her cancer was back. She said she only focuses on 2 days: Today and The Last Day. She said she knows she has today, and she knows she’ll be healed and whole the last day. She said that she’s okay when she focuses on those two days. This is one of the wisest things I’ve ever been told. None of us are promised tomorrow. We’d do very well to set our eyes on today and the last day. Below I’ll post some of my favorite pictures with Cari, and pictures of your group of preschool friends, Owen, who Cari loved so much.

Love you,






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