End of Grade 2

Dear Hayden,

Today, you finished the second grade. It was a very interesting year for you. YOu learned so much about American history, did a 6-week study on Charlotte’s Web, studied insects extensively, including completing an individual project on the grasshopper with a 3D model you made out of clothespins. Almost everything academic came easy for you this year. You had 3 teachers this year, too, because halfway through the year, Mrs. Clipner had a baby and Mrs. Severson took her place teaching your class with miss Chatel.

There was a lot of social learning this year, too. You had some rough moments with friends that you had to work your way through. You also learned a powerful lesson about telling the truth — one that I know I don’t need to recount here because I don’t think you’ll ever forget it.

You are more artistic than ever — so very creative. You continued to love art class this year and choose art as your preferred activity and you participated in the third quarter art club, too. You also enjoyed music class a lot.

In addition to school activities, second grade brought you basketball, and another successful year in both piano lessons and girl scouts.

I am endlessly proud of who you are. You have a sense of self that shines through as true authenticity. I adore you.

Love you,

Grasshopper Project:

Charlotte’s Web Fair:


Last Day of Second Grade:

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