It’s Great to be Eight!

Dear Hayden,

Today, you are eight! It is so hard to believe that! You are growing up too quickly!

You are quite a kid! This year you’ve grown up in so many ways. You have your own sense of style (think blue high top converse) and your own style of music (think Taylor Swift and Lindsey Stirling). You are an excellent reader and you enjoy school. You have a lot of good friends and the best sense of humor! You also understand things with an unexplainable wisdom. We are blessed by you every day.

Today was a great day. You kept saying, “I’m having the best day ever!” This morning, I arranged for Elijah, Allie and Alex to come over for donuts at 6:30 before school! I didn’t tell you they were coming, so you were so surprised every time another friend showed up! Then, I signed up for lunch duty at your school today so that I could bring you lunch from Paradise Bakery. The entire second grade sang Happy Birthday to you in the cafeteria and you handed out blue frosted cookies to share with your class. Tonight, we had Meggy and Josiah and Nana and Papa over for dinner, presents and birthday cake.

Right before bed, Dad and I gave you one last gift — we gifted you the sponsorship of a little girl named Marie who was born on September 21, 2007 in Burundi, Africa and loves to read and play ball games, just like you. You were very happy because you have been asking us for quite a while to please sponsor a little girl to whom you could write letters. We read you the information we received about Marie and you were a little sad because you realized that Marie probably didn’t receive anything special for her birthday. You told us you are so excited to write to her and that you hope to see a smile on her face in the next picture we receive. Then, when you needed more water before bed, I heard you say, “I’m so lucky to have this water.”

I’m proud of your heart. You already understand things that take others years to grasp. I know you are only going to grow wiser and more compassionate. You are a spectacular human being. I am so lucky to be your mom.

Love you,





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