Comin’ Round the Mountain!

Dear Hayden,

Tonight you had your first piano recital since switching over to Miss Denise’s Master Musician program. It was an amazing recital. You played She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain and Call of the Horn. You played both pieces absolutely beautifully! The recital was a “Tribute to America” and all of the students played exceptionally well!

After all of the musicians play their pieces, Miss Denise hands out several awards including “Musician of the Month” awards for each month. You were awarded the Musician of the Month award for the month of April! Awesome!

You invited Elijah and Alli to come to your recital and they both gladly accepted your invitation! It was so neat to see such special friends of yours give you their support.

Switching teachers was a bit of a shift for you. Miss Denise has high expectations for practice and for performance, but you rose to the challenge and you have grown SO MUCH as a musician this spring. We are so proud of you!

Love you,

PS- One more thing — Your dad wore a white shirt and tie to the recital. The tie even had American flags on it! I thought there would be other dads dressed up, but your dad was the only one. I asked him afterward if he felt uncomfortable because he was overdressed — and his reply reminded me why I love him so much and why I think he is the best dad in the world. He replied, “I don’t really care what the other dads were wearing. I dressed up nicely for my daughter… for her to know how important and amazing I think all the work she put into this performance is.” Wow. What a guy! YOU ARE LOVED.






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