Talking the Talk

Dear Bennett,

You have become quite the talker. You talk in complete sentences all day long, but the way you say certain words makes me smile so many times every day!

Here are some of your words:
Milk – “bonk”
Mickey Mouse – “Bickey Bounce”
Thank you – “tah-too”
Burped – “Bupped”
Donuts – “Ya-yos”
Choo Choo – “Mmmmm-Mmmmmm” (This one is like a hum — it cracks us all up!)

Also, every bird is a “quack” and every cat sighting has you saying “Meow! Meow!” instead of the word cat!

I wanted to get these written down because before I know it you’ll be saying them all right and I’ll forget all your cute little words.

Love you,


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