Kindergarten, Here We Come!

Dear Hayden,

Today is a BIG day for us. It is your first day of kindergarten! You were so excited at meet the teacher last night so I knew this morning would go well! We got there this morning  and you went right in to the room and got to work on the papers your teacher had on your desk. You are part of the first class of kindergartners at a brand new, amazing school. I am so exited for you Рyou are going to learn so much and do so well.

I was teary ALL day today. Not because you aren’t ready (YOU TOTALLY ARE!) and not because I don’t want you to go (I TOTALLY DO!) but because I feel like you are all growing up so fast and I am enjoying you so much that I’m not ready to move into the next stage. Also, I just really, really miss you! I am so blessed though, because you are kind, confident and brave. You are more than ready to be a kindergartner. We’ve had so many conversations lately about how to befriend the lonely, defend the powerless and be a great classmate. Last night I was reviewing some of these things and you stopped me by saying, “Mom, we’ve got this.” I prayed and prayed and prayed for you all day today.

When you got in the car after school, you were pretty excited! You told us all about your art teacher and all the things you learned about being in Miss Kretchman’s class. You told us that you had a good time and made a new friend. ¬†Tonight, the last thing you said to me about kindergarten today was, “Mom, there is nowhere I would have rather been than today than where I was.”

That made my heart soar.

Love you,

Our AMAZING Kindergartner:
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You and Alli – It’s so fun that this classmate and friend is with you again this year!
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You and Miss Kretchman:
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