Five and a Half.

Dear Hayden,

Today, you are five and a half. Five and a half looks great on you!

Five and a half is a whole lot of silly and quite a bit stubborn. Five and a half is creative and unaware of how loud it is. It’s excitement never seen before and emotions that are expressed clearly and without shame. Five and a half will head to kindergarten before it turns six. Five and a half knows what it wants in every situation and is shocked when it has fun even though things didn’t go the desired way. Five and half can pray and hope and dream with words that are complex and inspiring. Five and a half loves its fellow five and a halfs and would rather be with its peers than anywhere else. Five and a half is not a baby — five and a half is a kid, plain and simple, and acts accordingly. Five and a half is an amazing helper, when it feels like it. Five and a half values fun over everything and finds joy in the mundane.  Five and a half is welcome to stick around… but it’s sure to take off running.

Love you,

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