Now, we have everything.

Dear H, O and B,

Today is your dad and my tenth wedding anniversary. I’ve been thinking about the last ten years a lot. I loved your dad so very much the day that I married him. And today, I love him so much more! We had an amazing life together before you all were born. We traveled, worked, and spent so much quality time together. But the truth is, as fun as those years were, they don’t even come close to the joy we share because the three of you are in our lives! I’m already praying for the people with whom you’ll spend your lives. I pray that they are learning to love and be loved just as you are and that they are learning and growing in all the ways that God has planned for them. It’s my greatest hope that you will find someone to enjoy year after year with, no matter what each one brings, just like I have.

Love you,

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