Friendship, Family and Flight

Dear H and O,

We had the most amazing weekend! We traveled to New Mexico to spend time with old friends and see the International Balloon Fiesta. It was extraordinary. We connected with our friends instantly, as though not a minute had passed since we were all together, although it has been years. We played, and played and played, even though it meant we didn’t sleep too much. We were lucky enough to witness the magnificence of both a Night Glow and a Mass Ascension of hot air balloons — two of the most awesome visual experiences of my life.

And the love… oh, the love. The love of reconnecting — of seeing my oldest and dearest friends love on my babies. The love of having my amazing husband find a comfortable place with the amazing husbands of those dear friends. The love of watching the two of you play and play and play with new friends — the kiddos that God sent to bring joy to my dear friends. Each night, Dad and I put the two of you to bed and then we talked and shared and joked and laughed and just enjoyed being in the presence of people who have known me since before I knew myself.

As I reflect on this weekend, I pray that you will always be as open to new friends as you were this weekend. I pray that you will have connections in your life that trancend time and distance. I pray that you will always have oppotunities to experience extraodinary, once-in-a-lifetime moments that take  your breath away… like standing with your sweet little family as 555 different and beautiful hot air balloons take flight.

Blessed? Without a doubt.

Love you,

Owen, you took your first flight ever this weekend! Here you are on the airplane in your seat and next to it!

Here’s the whole group – 12 of us!

Owen, here’s you and Daddy getting upset about the wind:

But, as soon as the wind settled, you were a very happy boy!

Hayden, you and Nadia became fast friends and had a blast together.

We had a dance party or two at Lacy and Erik’s house:

And Owen, my goodness, did you get passed around.

Night Glow at the International Balloon Fiesta:

Mass Ascension (It was COLD!):

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