Tradition, Tailgating and Teams

Dear H and O,

We went to Tucson for the long weekend. We took Meggy, Jeffery and Jojo with us, so we had a great time! The highlight of the weekend for me was getting to take you to the U of A football game. This was so special to me because it takes me right back to being a child myself. I used to go to U of A football games and tailgate with Grandma, Jiddoh and Uncle Ramsey all throughout my growing up and we’d always have such a great time! So, as you can imagine, I loved being able to share something that was so fun for me, with you! Now, in this particular game, the wildcats took on the NAU Lumberjacks, so Dad and I¬†happily¬†cheered for both sides, since we met at NAU and we are both NAU alumni!

Love you,

Owen Mama GMa and Jiddoh's house



Owen and Jojo Tailgating

Hayden Tailgating

Owen Mama Gate 1

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