Fourth Birthday – Part One: A Wild Time

Dear Hayden,

Today we had your birthday party! This year we did things a little differently than we have in the past — we invited only kids your age (plus your cousins!) to join us for your party. It was nice to have a smaller party this year — although it still seemed HUGE! We asked an awesome lady named Jungle Jill to come with some of her animal friends! It was a crazy and fun time!

Love you,


You played with Dolphin Trainer Barbie while we got ready for your party: (You are CRAZY about this Barbie, You talked about her for a month before your birthday and Grandma and Jiddoh gave her to you this morning!)

Zebra striped cupcakes:

Goliath the Kimono Dragon:

You got to feed Pringles (the goat) because you are the Birthday girl!

Jungle Jill also brought this ENORMOUS turtle, Mama Shelly:

Your favorite animal, by far, was the chinchilla:

You made a wish and blew out four candles:

You also opened some fun gifts from your friends:


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