Doing Life.

Dear H and O,

Today we skipped church. We skipped church because we went somewhere else instead, to be the church. Jeffrey got a teaching job and he starts tomorrow. He needed a LOT of help in his classroom today, so we decided that we needed to go and help him get ready! We are part of a church family, and that means we help each other and work together to do what needs to be done. At our church, we call this “doing life” and that’s exactly what we’re doing.

Love you,

Working on a coloring project with Amanda:

Classroom 1

And other projects with Abby:

CLassroom 9

Helping Dad put up a bulletin board:

Classroom 3

Cleaning desks with Abby:

Classroom 5

Owen, you took a nap in the room next door:

Classroom 2

Classroom 8

And you got passed around and played with toys on the floor, too:

Classroom 6

Hayden, you had a lot of fun crawling under desks:

Classroom 4

And pretending to be a teacher:

Classroom 7

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