More Hayden-isms

Dear Hayden,

You have been saying a lot of funny things lately!

-While you and Dad were driving around town, he was trying to sing along to one of your CDs, but he didn’t know the words, so he was making it up as he went along. He then heard you talking quietly and looked in the rear view mirror. You had your eyes closed and your head bowed, so he knew you praying. When you finished, you said, “Dad, I’m done praying now.” Dad said, “Oh yeah, what did you pray about?” You replied, ” I was praying you’d start singing the right words!”

-I asked you recently if you wanted to watch a movie, and you said, “Yes! Can you start Lady and the Trampoline for me?”

-We went to a birthday party over the weekend and the entertainment was a lady who brings a bunch of cool animals and shows them to all the kids. When she pulled out an 8-foot boa constrictor, you said, “She needs to put that away. Kids don’t like snakes!”

Needless to say, you are cracking us up!!

Love you,

PS – I had to come back and add to this post because the day after I posted it, you asked me, “Did Mary have the little lamb before or after she had the baby Jesus?”

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