Friday on Frank

Dear H and O,

We are really blessed to live on Frank Avenue. We share a sense of community with our neighbors that is akin to what neighborhood life was like in the 50’s and I love it! We gather, we help each other, we look out for each other and we bless each other. It’s an amazing thing. We plan a lot of special events (Franks on Frank, Fiesta on Frank, CampFire on Frank, Halloween Fest on Frank) but my favorite thing we do is an “every week” thing. Each Friday we meet in a driveway for “Friday on Frank” We head out at 4 pm, and the fun begins. We have so many great kids on our street – 4 kids in the “older” set, 5 kids in the “middle” set (that’s your crew, Hayden) and then 4 little babies — all born in the last 5 months (that’s your team, Owen).

The kids ride bikes and scooters and have lots of adventures:


The babies hang out with the mamas, and boy do they get passed around:

And the moms talk and share about life and living and friendship and motherhood and wifehood and neighborhood.

Sometimes there is a snack…

…but always there is so much community and heart here. It’s love and it’s good.

Love you,


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