Really Good News!

Dear Owen,

Today we got really, really good news! We took you to a pediatric craniofacial plastic surgeon. She diagnosed you with deformational plagiocephaly (a misshapen head from positioning in the womb and after birth) and torticollis (a weak neck muscle on one side), both of which are treatable solely with physical therapy and sleep and rest positioning! She is confident that you do not have craniosynostosis, although she can see how our pediatrician came to that conclusion. So, long story short, it’s looking like you won’t have to wear a helmet or have surgery!! We are SO excited to have received such wonderful news today! You start physical therapy Tuesday at 1 pm, which is going to be challenging and a little bit fun, I am guessing. You are a pretty relaxed little man, I am thinking it will all be just fine!

Here you are at Dr. Singh’s office today, waiting to be seen:

Love you,

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