A Sibling

Dear Hayden,

Tonight at dinner, we told you that you are going to be a big sister. You touched my tummy and said, “I will take care of it.” We asked you if you want a boy baby or a girl baby, and you are definitely hoping for a sister! I think it’s really important to have siblings.

Here is an excerpt from one of my favorite books, Five Star Families by Carol Kuykendall:

My older sister and I had our share of disagreements growing up. First over toys. (Of course, I always shared.) Then over who cheated on the rules to games we played. (Of course, I never did!) Or who got to ride shotgun in the car. (Oldest always wins.) By high school, the disagreements were about clothes and whether I could ride in the car with her because she was a senior and I was a sophomore. But I will always remember one great gesture of sibling loyalty. It was the springtime of my sophomore year and the day I had tried out for cheerleading, along with three of my best friends. I was sitting in eighth period algebra when the principal came on the public address system.

“I have the results of cheerleading tryouts,” he announced, “and I will read them in alphabetical order.” My heart was pounding so loudly; I was sure my friends could hear it.

My last name started with a V, so I held out hope… until the final name was read… and it was not mine. I didn’t make it, but my three best friends did. Soon the bell rang, and I panicked. How would I get out of this classroom and all the way down through the long, crowded hallway onto the school bus? How would I – a loser – face my friends? Numbly I stuffed my papers into my notebook and hurried toward the door, head down. Suddenly, someone took my arm, and I looked up. It was my sister, who was waiting for me. She walked with me all the way down through the crowded, noisy hallway out to the parking lot and into her car. For the life of me, I don’t remember a word she said. But I will never forget her gesture. She understood. She was my sister.

So, my dear, it is my prayer that this baby on the way will grow to be not only your brother or sister, but your greatest ally, confidant and friend.

Love you,

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