While You Were Out…

Dear Mom,

Today, while you were at jury duty, I had a fantastic day with Meggy.

First, we went to the car dealership to pick up her car:

I watched Sesame Street while we waited:

Then, we went shopping. Meggy bought me a fantastic purple sock monkey:

Next, Meggy put me in a refigerator box outside and let me fingerpaint everywhere:

Then, I needed a shower:

Then, I watched Word World while Meggy made lunch:

Next, we had a pizza picnic outside:

Felix and Charlie decided to join us:

After Felix licked my fork, I couldn’t use it anymore, so I had to pick my pizza up:

Then, it was time to lie down for a nap:

I was able to convince Meggy to lie down with me:

After my 10 minute nap, we went to get ice cream:

How was jury duty? I would love to tell you I missed you, but, it was a fantastic day!

Love you,
Hayden Eva

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