Grandma Holly

Dear Hayden,

Today we went to visit Grandma Holly, who is one very special lady! We call her Grandma Holly because she is a grandma to everyone in our church family. She prays and prays and prays for the people of our church, and about 3 years ago, she started praying for you – praying that you would be knit together, fearfully and wonderfully made. Then, when I told her you were on the way, she started praying that you would grow strong and arrive healthy. Dad and I credit Grandma Holly with praying you into existence. She loves seeing you and she is always amazed at how you have grown. We’re forever indebted to Grandma Holly, and others like her in our church family who intercede for us and commit to speaking their own faith into our future. There is a chance you won’t remember meeting Grandma Holly, and I feel very strongly about you knowing how special she is!

Love you,

You and Grandma Holly

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