Another Field Trip

Dear Hayden,

Today we went to the Stuffington Bear Factory for a tour. It is the oldest teddy bear factory in the United States! You had a great time with your friends looking around, and at the end you got to make and name your own bear. Your little bear is named Hazel Eloise McCauley. She has the same initials as you do — HEM. The noises scared you a little bit, but you really enjoyed yourself!

Love you,

You and your friends

You and the BIG teddy bear

Listening to the tour guide explain how teddy bears are made

Checking out some of the different furs used to make bears

Giving your bear, Hazel Eloise McCauley, an air bath after she had been stuffed, sewn, brushed and combed

Hazel and her birth certificate

Playing in the tunnel of bears

Checking out the bears with Hannah Jane

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