Remembering Grams

Dear Hayden,

We spent today celebrating the life of your Great Great Grams. She was a remarkable lady whose legacy is 4 generations of people who love her. It has been said of Grams that the harshest words she ever spoke about anything or anyone were, “It just misses.” That’s pretty remarkable! She was faithfully married to your Great Great Poppie for 75 years and is remembered fondly by everyone who knew her. For your dad, Grams was a person who loved him unconditionally, with no suggestions for things he could improve, no advice for who he should be, just unconditinal love for him, just as he was and is, in it’s purest form. You should know, too, that you were the apple of Grams’s eye. In fact, the last time we were there, I tried to take a picture of the two of you together, and Grams would not look at the camera — when I asked her to, she said she could not and would not take her eyes off of you! So, my dear, although you will not remember her, I pray that she will live on in you… that you will inherit the grace with which she approached others and embody the spirit of love that she showed everyone she knew.

Love you,

Grams and Poppie’s Spot

The cemetary is beautiful… rolling hills of green grass.


Playing Piano with Madison

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