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Dear Hayden,

Today, our friend “Meggy” came by to hang out with you. Then she went home and posted the most awesome entry to her blog. It was about you!

Here it is:

The small things in lifeā€¦ May 1, 2009
Megan @ 6:39 pm

Sometimes I wonder how it feels to be a momma. I have a few little ones in my life who I love more than the world itself and would do anything for. It makes my whole day better when I get to see or talk to them. When I hang out with Hayden, I always wonder how I could possibly love my own kids more than her. That has to be an incredible feeling as a mommy. I love Hayden so much and every little thing she does amazes me. She is labeling everything these days and it is so neat to watch her experience the world. I love a little peak into her head when she talks. She puts her little fingers on my face and labels my nose, eyes, ears, etc. and my heart just melts. That little girl could have anything she wants at that moment. It is also incredible for me to look at her and she how much she has grown. She is not a baby anymore, she is a little person. I never really understood why people say babies are miracles until I got to watch her grow. God picked her, gave her to Suz and Ryan, and blessed the rest of us with an opportunity to know her. She is so smart and beautiful! God is so awesome!


We are so lucky to have so many people in our lives who love you. I couldn’t agree with Meggy more… You are smart and beautiful… God is so awesome.

Love you,

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