First Swim Lesson!

Dear Hayden,

Today you had your first swim lesson! You are a “Little Snapper 1” at a swim school near our house! It’s important for you to know how to swim — it is a life-saving skill. So, today we started! You really liked the water, but you are NOT a big fan of going under the water, even for a second. Your teacher says you will get used to it, but that was definitely your least favorite part of the lesson.

We got to the school and put you in your suit: (Mom is a little paranoid about sun exposure, so you wear a suit with a rash guard like a real surfer! This is less of an issue at swim school because it is indoors, but it’s a cute suit anyway!)
Before the Lesson!

Then we got in the water and got used to it:
Sway Swim

Then we sway-swam so you got used to moving in the water:
Sway Swim

Then you went under the water for a nanosecond, which freaked you out, so here you are after you calmed down a bit:

Then we practiced floating:

Then we practiced swimming toward a wall (This is the best way to get out of a pool!):
Practicing Swimming to a Wall

Then we had 5 minutes of play time (Your favorite part so far!):
Swim Lesson Smile

Then we got out and dried off:
Drying Off!

On a side note, there is a very cute little guy in your class named Aristotle and today was his first lesson, too! Dad and I are very proud of our little snapper!

Love you,

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