End of an Era

Dear Hayden,

Today is the end of an era. Today we officially finished moving out of our house on Behrend. This is the first home Dad and I shared, and it is the home we brought you home to! We’re so excited to move into the next house, but we are a little sad to leave such a special place – a place where Dad and I discovered time and time again how happy we are that we chose each other to spend our lives with, a place where we regularly celebrated and shared special times with friends, a place where we have created holiday traditions and memories together, and most of all, a place where we prepared a special spot in our house and our lives for God’s greatest gift to us – you. Perhaps what causes us the most sadness is that you will not remember this place where we spent your first precious months.

I will always remember rushing into our master bathroom from the middle bathroom to let Dad know he was going to be a daddy… and the first night we spent with you here, not knowing what to do with you, honestly… and sitting on the couch in the living room – looking at your sweet little face, begging God to help me do right by you… and rocking you to sleep those first couple of months in the glider in your pink and green room… and your first Christmas here, hanging a third stocking, and including you in all of our traditions… and using our kitchen to make your first baby food… and sitting at this desk in our office blogging every new thing you do.

So, this house is a special place, because as a family we made it a home… which is what we will do in our new house, for sure! We sold this house WAY faster than we anticipated, so, you, Dad, Turbo, Zoom and I have moved in with Nana and Papa until our new house is finished in October. This means that 4 adults, 2 cats and 1 baby (that’s you) are sharing 1 roof (plus you’ve had the stomach flu since we got here!). Rock on. The time we spend here will be worth remembering, too!

Love you,

House onf Behrend
House on Behrend

Living Room
Living Room


Mama and Dad's Room
Mama and Dad’s Room

Room with Stars
Your Room


Mama, Dad and Hayden - House on Behrend
Our Family and Our Home


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