Hayden McCauley… This is your life!

Dear Hayden,

I decided to document our daily routine because someday it will be fun for you to see what we did together during this early time! So here is a day in your life:

You wake up:

Wake up

You eat:

Bottle 1

We go to Stroller Strides, or the grocery store, or to MOPS, depending on the day:

Car Seat
In Your Car Seat

SS 1
(On a side note: Mama just donated a bunch of hair to Locks of Love — they make wigs for kids with cancer who need them!)

SS 2

SS 3

SS 4
Stroller Strides

GS 2

GS 1

GS 3

At the Grocery Store

We play at home:

Floor Play 1

Floor Play 2

Floor Play 3

You eat:

Bottle 2

We read:

Story Time

You nap:


Nap Time

You eat and then we play, go to a play group, or go for a walk, depending on the day:

Bottle 3

Floor Play 4


Play Group
Our Play Group (I am taking the picture, so you are with Erin!)

Daddy comes home and you have Daddy time — which is sometimes playing, sometimes reading your books, and sometimes you listening to him read fascinating MBA material like a case study from his Global Economics course:

Daddy Time

Daddy's Book 1

Then we do the bed time routine: (Bottle, Bath, Book, Blessing, Bed)

Bottle 4

Bath 2

Bath 1**

Bath 3

Book 1

Book 2

Book 3
Bedtime Book with Dad

Bedtime Prayer


Sleep 2
Nighty – Night!

So, that’s our typical day. We’re having a good time!

Love you,

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