Happy Birthday, Great Grandma Pat!

Dear Hayden,

On Monday, Great Grandma Pat will be 75 years old! She has seen a great many changes in the way people live, as well as seen many historic events transpire in her lifetime. Below you will find a comparison (click on the chart for a better view) between the year you were born (2007) and the year Great Grandma Pat was born (1933). I think you will find it fascinating. Nana and Papa threw a party for GGP today, too, so you will also find pictures of that below. You met some cousins, aunts and uncles who you’d never met before, so that was fun, too!

Love you,

1933 and 2007
1933 and 2007

With GGP
Playing with Great Grandma Pat

With GGP
Hanging out — What’s 75 years between friends?

WIth Nana and GGP
Nana and Great Grandma Pat

Your Great Aunts and Uncles
Some Great Aunts and Uncles — Joe, Tonja, Trisha, Jim

Your Second Cousins
Some of Your Dad’s Cousins — Your Second Cousins — Michael, Dyllan, Jamie, Katie

Borer Family Photo
Borer Family (Some of them!)

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