One Amazing Weekend!

Dear Hayden,

We had a pretty amazing weekend. We traveled to Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas to see Uncle Darryl graduate from Air Force Basic Military Training.

You took your first airplane flight to get there, and the folks at Southwest Airlines awarded you a “first flight” certificate. Dad and I gave all the people around us on the plane “baby’s first flight” packs that we had prepared — a ziplock bag with a pair of foam earplugs and some chocolate. Dad handed them out and thanked the people in advance for their patience with you. The people thought they were great! You were so good on the plane — you let out only a few peeps the entire flight, and you were just as great on the way home!

Our weekend in Texas was awesome. To say that we are proud of your Uncle Darryl is a huge understatement! He endured and completed basic training and is a very different person. On Thursday, we watched him participate in the Airman’s Run and get his Airman’s Coin in the Airman’s Coin Ceremony. On Friday, we attended the BMT Graduation Parade and then we got to spend the rest of the weekend with Uncle Darryl. You wore a personalized onesie I made you that said, “I’m Here to Cheer for My Uncle: Airman Darryl McCauley!” to the parade. We asked him SO MANY questions — it was crazy — but he answered them all. It was such an interesting weekend because we learned a great deal about military life, something that we knew very little about because of our lack of experience with it. You were totally a trooper (no pun intended) because we took you everywhere, to every event for 4 solid days, and you hardly complained at all!

I was teary-eyed much of the weekend, Hayden. I was so overwhelmed by so many things. I am so proud of your uncle. I am so grateful to those who answer the call to defend our freedom and protect us. I am in awe, once again, of the awesome power of finding a structure in which we grow into the best version of ourselves. I am seeing that these years will pass so quickly, and someday, before we know it, you will be an adult, making your own choices, becoming who you are meant to be.

Love you,

First Flight
First Flight

First Flight
First Flight

First Flight Certificate
First Flight Certificate

Airman's Run
Airman’s Run – Uncle Darryl at far right

Airman's Coin Ceremony
Airman’s Coin Ceremony

Graduation Parade
Graduation Parade — Over 600 Airmen!

Special Onesie
Special Onesie

Lackland Air Force Base, TX
Lackland Air Force Base

You were in a great mood all weekend!

Hayden Sleeping
Napping in the sling — On the go!

Hayden and Uncle Darryl
With Uncle Darryl

On the Riverwalk

At the Riverwalk
On the Riverwalk

The Family
Family Photo

Family Portrait
Family Photo

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