Christmas Card, Santa’s Lap and Zoo Lights!

Dear Hayden,

‘Tis the season… your first season! We are having such a great time celebrating with you! So far, we sent out your first Christmas photo card, got your photo taken with Santa and bundled you up for Zoo Lights. Jackie took the picture for the Christmas card… she took a bunch of pictures and got a fantastic one! You were so good in Santa’s arms – you kind of just looked around and had a generally good time. You absolutely LOVED Zoo Lights! You were so warm in your fuzzy suit in the sling that you slept through the first part, and then you were absolutely in a trance checking out all the bright lights! You love the lights on our Christmas tree, too! You definitely have us looking at the holidays in a new way!

Love you,

Christmas Card 07
Your First Christmas Card

In Santa's Arms
Santa’s Lap

Warm Hayden
Bundled Up for Zoo Lights

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