Happy 1st Thanksgiving!

Dear Hayden,

Today we celebrated your first Thanksgiving! We came down to Tucson last night to spend the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa. Last night, we had the opportunity to get together with 3 of my oldest friends — Kristy, Lacy, and Carrie — along with their husbands and their kids. It was an absolute blast because I have known these ladies as long as I can remember, and to be surrounded by their families was so much fun! Today your Grandma and Grandpa cooked a big dinner here. We had a few guests and it was a great time! You slept through dinner, but that’s okay… you don’t eat turkey and mashed potatoes yet! This Thanksgiving is unlike any one we’ve ever had, because we have a most precious addition to be thankful for — you!

Love you,

The Crew
The Crew!

Suz and  Wyatt
Mama with Baby Wyatt, Carrie’s son, born exactly ONE DAY before you!!

Jaden, Nadia, and Jaren
The Older Kiddos — Jaden, Nadia, and Jaren

Grandpa and Hayden
You and Grandpa

Grandma and Hayden
You and Grandma

Daddy and Hayden
You and Dad

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