Life is Sweet

Dear Hayden,

You make life so sweet! Dad and I are having a blast getting to know you. We were just talking about how special this time is… just the three of us, together all the time, learning about each other. Right now, your big activities are eating and sleeping, which is okay with us because we are pretty tired and trying to figure out where our heads are half the time! We are learning all about your habits and noticing special things about you. For example, you got your mom’s hands and feet — and I mean EXACTLY. When I look at them, I see tiny, exact replicas of my own! It’s crazy! You have your dad’s ears, too! I have to tell you, too, that your dad is amazing. He would go to the end of the earth for you. He gets teary when you get poked at the doctor and he is proud when you burp really loud. You pretty much have him wrapped around your tiny little finger already!

Yesterday, we took our first family outing to the pediatrician. He said you are doing well, but that you need to keep eating to move that jaundice through you! We told them that you are eating like a champ and working on it!

Also, another fun fact is that all of your newborn clothes are too big for you right now! We weren’t expecting you to be such a peanut! You are growing, though… so before you know it you’ll be outgrowing these clothes!

So, my love, I just wanted to share what a joy you are already! These are times I will always remember. They say that motherhood is like having your heart on the outside of your body… I couldn’t have said it better myself, so I won’t even try!

Love you,

First Outing (Pediatrician!)
Dressed and ready for the first outing!

Pajama Time!
Pajama time!

Basking in the Sun
Resting out back!

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