A Test Drive

Dear Baby,

So, for your dad’s birthday (May 30) I got him a special stroller for jogging, so that he (and I — when he’s busy) can take you walking/jogging around the neighborhood on adventures! Anyway, we decided to take it out of the box this weekend to make sure we had all the parts, etc. so we could return it if we needed to. Well, we got a little carried away and I decided to strap a doll into it utilizing the 5-point safety harness. Then, your dad decided to take it on a test run! It was too hilarious not to capture for you — so here it is in photos. I was thinking of this, too :

“He will turn the hearts of fathers to their children, and the hearts of children to their fathers.”
– Malachi 4:6

Your dad’s heart is definitely on you!!


The skid marks in the road are NOT from the stroller test jog! It’ll be fun, but not that fun!


Bet you can’t wait!

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