Outside of Ourselves

Dear Baby,

I can’t tell you enough how important I think it is to find something outside of yourself to pour a fraction of your time and heart into. I believe you’ll find that the little you give leaves you blessed beyond measure. I know this because your dad and I sponsor a very special group of high school kids at church. We’ve traveled with them, shared our experiences with them, dried their tears, been invited to celebrate their accomplishments and life events, learned alongside them and been protective about them. Our experiences with them have lead us on road trips, lead us to community service and taught us that there is so much to be hopeful about in the future of this society! We will always cherish the moments we have spent with these kids, outside of ourselves. My hope is that you will be inspired by the time you give others; inspired by the time you spend outside of yourself.


Youth Group, Austin, Texas – Summer 2006

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