Life Before Babies

Dear Baby,

Thought you might like to know a bit about our life before you make your entrance. Right now, we work a lot to build a life for us as a family, but we also enjoy our free time together in a lot of different ways. We love to travel, and our married life has included lots of adventures that we’ve truly enjoyed. Traveling keeps us aware of how big the world is. I think that perspective is important. We also have hobbies that we enjoy. We both read a lot of books! We hope you are a reader, too, because we know how entertaining, inspiring and informational it can be! Other than that, I like to sew quilts and take a lot of pictures. Your dad really likes to work with his computers (there are 6 — not all working — computers in our house right now!). Also, your dad likes to home brew. So, when you are 21 you can try your dad’s special brewski. I am thinking “A Brew for my Baby” would be a great name for that brew!


Washington, DC
Washington, DC — 4th of July, 2006

Cancun, Mexico
Cancun, Mexico — Summer 2005

Roatan, Honduras
Roatan, Honduras — Summer 2005

Our Honeymoon in Jamaica — December 2002

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